An ‘iteration’ is an action; a way of moving forward by repeating a process, the result yielding the beginning of the next steps, the next process, the next action. It is also a state; the version that is currently being processed is also a iteration, what is being worked out. This developmental process at times denotes a clear new path, marked by events or milestones; others are more subtle and only garner our attention when complete.


With Iterations we see three artists who turned their lens upon themselves to learn and share the experience of being. Allison Barnes made a self portrait every day for a year and a day, using the camera as a mirror to find her strength as an artist and a woman, utilizing self imposed vulnerability to explore further into herself. Within Thirty-five and One, Rachel Hulin looks to a dual perception from the synchronous vantage of herself and her one year old daughter. The perception of one where time moves relative to memory and the other, where experience with our surroundings shapes the length of the day. Asia Kepka’s work blurs the roles of narrator, observer and subject. Her visual journal pays tribute to the influences of her mother and grandmother and the path she took in becoming the woman she is: an immigrant, an artist and a gay woman.


We do not exist in a fixed state, our lives are continually locked into the forward to beginning

flow; building our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, growing and maturing into

a new self.


-Adam Holtzman, independent curator

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